Promo Comics


Who doesn't love free comics?
Of course there's usually a catch to getting something for free. With comics it's usually because they're loaded with product placement advertising. Yet notice how very subtle the advertising is in this one. Why you might actually forget what they're pitching (yeah right).

by William Harms, Angel Unzueta, Ty Templeton

Sunday Funnies: NANCY


We've looked at Nancy strips before, and before we're done, we'll look at lots more. With years and years of material, there's a lot to look at. Originally looked at with disdain amongst comic critics, it really didn't become accepted as a classic until after Bushmiller's death, sadly. Better late than never? Maybe.
The simple art and primarily visual gags are timeless and will likely appeal to even the most discerning of today's comic connoisseurs. Don't believe the hype? See for yourself.

by Ernie Bushmiller
from TIP TOP COMICS #206, January 1957

When Comics Were Printed On Paper


All you young'ns that read comics on your computers and phones are missing out on the joys of reading an actual printed comic. Sure, there were a lot of flaws with newsprint and ben-day dots, not the least of which was purchasing a book and finding out that page 15 had horrible ink stains from a sloppy printer. Yet there's still a lot of things that digital can't do. This story here is an example of one.

from SPOOKY SPOOKTOWN #21, September 1967

Deadpool's Pizza Adventure


I still have no idea why they thought that Deadpool was a necessary member of the new Thunderbolts team, and this issue explains nothing.
Currently, Red Hulk and Leader are fighting aliens. Punisher, Elektra, and Venom are taking on a mafia family. And Wade Wilson's secret mission for the good of humanity? .......well, see for yerself.....

by Charles Soule & Jefte Palo
from THUNDERBOLTS #17, 2013

ART: Covers By Marko Djurdjevic

Now these are the kinds of scans that make for an easy posting. All the commentary is already provided by the artist himself. So I ain't gotta say much of anything other than good design work and a strong feel for composition more than make up for the using of photoshop™. (yeah, I'm one those complainers who are usually against the over-use of digital art in modern comics)

from THE MARVEL ART OF MARKO DJURDJEVIC (ISBN: 978-0-7851-3962-1) 2009

Too Scary For You


Just look at that evil ghost in the picture above. I dare you. That's the stuff of nightmares right there. That's the type of thing that'll make a sane man mad and a madman claw his eyes out in despair. Those horrible eyes. The glowing translucent skin. The slimy, slobbering tongue. Yes, this comic is too scary for you. I suggest clicking on another website altogether. Now.

Still here? Last chance to run right now.........

DISCLAIMER: Peur Evol Inc.™© and it's affiliates will not assume any responsibility for any mental or physical traumas derived from the reading of this comic.

You've been warned. It's too scary for you.