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This is another scanlation that I stumbled across on a random site. I couldn't find any google links for an 'official' English translation, so I guess there isn't one. Why are there so few companies that release Euro-Comics in English and so many that do mangas? I don't know.
I guess we should feel lucky that there are dedicated fans willing to translate this stuff for free. Who knows; these same fans may one day start an actual publishing company and get the English rights to the bande dessinee that they've translated.

Anyhoo, this is a simple kind of series, it's just one-page gag strips about some goblins that live in the woods. Even if you don't usually read or watch any fantasy series, you'll get the jokes.

by Corentin Martinage & Tristan Roulot
from GOBLINS vol 1, 2007
Tags: bande dessinee, humor
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I wonder if part of why euro comics aren't as big is that they aren't "foreign" enough? Manga is so different from the usual "American" style in storytelling and art that they stand out more. Maybe as far as most Americans are concerned European comics don't have that same distinctiveness?

Also I think these are hilarious.
I actually think that the majority of US comic fans associate Bande Dessinee with porn (Milo Manara, etc). Manga is more associated with action/adventure/comedy (One Piece, for example). If more people knew just how much variety there is in comics from other countries, they'd be foaming at the mouth begging for translations.
If I only convert just one person to believe that comics don't begin and end with Marvel/DC, I think I've done my life's work.
That was pretty hilarious.