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This is another scanlation that I stumbled across on a random site. I couldn't find any google links for an 'official' English translation, so I guess there isn't one. Why are there so few companies that release Euro-Comics in English and so many that do mangas? I don't know.
I guess we should feel lucky that there are dedicated fans willing to translate this stuff for free. Who knows; these same fans may one day start an actual publishing company and get the English rights to the bande dessinee that they've translated.

Anyhoo, this is a simple kind of series, it's just one-page gag strips about some goblins that live in the woods. Even if you don't usually read or watch any fantasy series, you'll get the jokes.

by Corentin Martinage & Tristan Roulot
from GOBLINS vol 1, 2007
Tags: bande dessinee, humor
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