peur_evol (peur_evol) wrote in comics_scans,

Deadpool's Pizza Adventure


I still have no idea why they thought that Deadpool was a necessary member of the new Thunderbolts team, and this issue explains nothing.
Currently, Red Hulk and Leader are fighting aliens. Punisher, Elektra, and Venom are taking on a mafia family. And Wade Wilson's secret mission for the good of humanity? .......well, see for yerself.....

by Charles Soule & Jefte Palo
from THUNDERBOLTS #17, 2013

Tags: deadpool, marvel comics
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December 3 2013, 05:23:35 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  January 13 2014, 14:18:56 UTC

They somehow thought that this team needed a funny character, to add humor to the storyline. But I've never liked Deadpool at all. He's not funny, he's annoying, useless, and full of himself, he's pretty much the Johnny Cage of Marvel. But his fans think that everything he does is great and will read anything he's in no matter what.

Thunderbolts is a team that always have hard tough characters, anti-heroes or former villains. But at least past members did there job... Wade doesn't give a shit and has either done nothing (like what we see here) or he's trying to kill another team member (the Punisher). If these people were smart (and there suppose be) they would have kicked Deadpool off the team by now.

Soule can't seem to make up his mind on whether or not this should be an action or a comedy. If he's trying to do both... well then he's not very good at it. Soule doesn't know how to write these characters, and the shitty artwork doesn't help.