peur_evol (peur_evol) wrote in comics_scans,

Golden Age Problems

So you thought you had problems? Golden-aged Superman had troubles that you ain't even thought of.
Take this story right here...or leave it, I don't care. But if you will, it shows the lengths that ol' Supes had to go to back then just to keep up the status quo .

by Bill Woolfolk & Al Plastino
from SUPERMAN #60 (UK)
from SUPERMAN #91 (US)

All that just to not be recognized as Clark.
Luckily all pedestrians in Metropolis are blind nowadays and Superman doesn't have to waste time worrying.
Tags: dc comics, golden age, superman
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So he snuffed out a star that might have had important navigational or religious significance on countless worlds just to show off? Good to know he didn't have all his marbles before the silver age.

Also I think the sandcastle drawing is better than the world holding one. Superman isn't a being out to save the world, he's just a good person with powers.