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As David Bowie says, "Time may change me, but I can't change time". Patsy would know this much more than any other character, as she's went through more changes than anyone else I can think of. Starting out as endearing situation comedy stories, to straight gag humor comics, then teen romance, overly complicated melodrama, and finally ending up as a superhero comic (what?). Every so often, somebody has to change the recipe.
These particular tales come from the gag comics period, which aren't any more spectacular than a typical ARCHIE comic, but I think they still have a certain naive charm to them.

Both stories by Stan Lee and Al Hartley.

from MISS AMERICA #93, November 1958

Because I'm such a nice guy, I'm adding in this one page gag from the same issue.


On a slightly related note, I found this essay by author Warren Ellis about adapting Patsy for different audiences. I don't think that I would actually like the type of comic he describes, but I don't like Patsy as a superhero comic either. Just a case of "different strokes" I suppose.
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