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The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill

CREEPSHOW was a movie collaboration between Stephen King and George Romero. It was conceived as an homage to the classic horror comics of the 50s, specifically EC's TALES FROM THE CRYPT. With the film's tongue-in-cheek humor and comic book visuals, it was pretty much a no-brainer idea to do the book adaption as a comic rather than a regular paperback.
Interestingly enough, Creepshow was the basis for a television series called TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE which generated enough interest in horror anthologies for HBO to make a series based upon the original Tales From The Crypt, which eventually was made into a film franchise itself. How's that for coming full circle?
This particular story was not written for the movie, but is an adaption of a previously published short story by King. I picked it because I feel it's probably the most underrated story in the film. With most people only remembering the story with the cockroaches at the end, it's easy to overlook how good this one really is.

By Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson.
from CREEPSHOW (ISBN: 0452253802), 1982

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Tags: horror
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