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comics_scans's Journal

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Comics Scans: Where Comics Are Scanned
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Welcome to comics_scans. Hope you survive the experience. I'm still setting things up at the moment, so pardon the mess.

This community is for members to share and discuss comic books by posting scans of them for everyone to look at. Anyone can check it out, but you have to join the community if you want to post stuff. And if you want to join, you'll need to familiarize yourself with...

The Community Rules

1. It's a comics scans community. Any post you make here needs to have a scan from a comic book or other sources of comic book artwork. Examples:

a) The cover to a comic book
b) The interior pages of a comic book
c) The back cover of a comic book
d) A publication featuring comic book art, such as Alex Ross' Mythology.
e) You get the idea.

2. When you prepare your post, put the image behind an LJ-cut. This can be done by using the html code: "<lj-cut text="Read more">" Then do a carrier return and put your image in the post. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, ASK SOMEONE FIRST. The point of the lj-cut is to ensure that other users have the option of ignoring your scans. This prevents folks from getting exposed to spoilers, NSFW content, etc. So be respectful, and make sure you get the lj-cut right before you hit the "submit" button.

As a courtesy to users with slower connections, you might want to end the LJ-cut (</lj-cut>), then include hyperlinks to the images. That way, they can check out your scans one at a time.

3. By all means, please feel free to write about what you're posting. Tell us about the issue you got the image from, who wrote it, who drew it, why you enjoyed it, what it means to you, etc. etc. etc. Or, if you just want to slap an image on the comm with no explanation at all, that's cool, too, but I don't want anyone to feel like they can't speak their mind. Text is cheap, so feel free to use it.

4. Do NOT include any of the following in your posts:

b)Fan comics.
b)Embedded videos.
c)Fan art.
e)Screen Captures.
f)Other off-topic images. Photos of your cat, for example.
g)Hardcore Pornography.

5. Only one post per day, per user. Naturally, you're free to comment to other people's posts as often as you please.

6. Limit your post to eleven scans. Keep the images at a reasonable size. Legibility is great, but anything wider than 600 pixelscan be a pain to deal with, because it's too wide for people's screens or browswers. If you're working with a two-page spread, you can go wider, say 1200 pixels or so.

7. Don't beat a dead horse. If someone posts a bunch of scans on a certain topic, then don't deluge the community with even more of the same. The point here is to cover an eclectic variety of topics and points of view, after all.

8. This community is not Serious Business. If you have any Serious Business, I suggest you conduct it elsewhere. Likewise, any and all drama should be reserved for one's momma. Complaining about comics is fine, but don't be a big baby just because things don't go your way. And don't be a douche to your fellow members. We're all one big happy community, on this Spaceship Earth.

9. This community is slash-neutral. If all you're interested in is same-sex relationships and discussion of same, then you'd probably be more comfortable elsewhere. Failing that, be mindful that not everyone on this community is as fascinated about "teh gay" as yourself. Don't try my patience on this one.

10. The maintainer of this community (that'd be me, natch) reserves the right to revise and enforce the rules as he sees fit. Illegal posts will be deleted. Disregard for the rules and general dickery will get you banned from the community. If you have a problem with something on the community, take it to me, and I'll deal with it.

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